Guild Rules and Requirements

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Guild Rules and Requirements

Post  Lilith on Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:27 am

Chaos isn't just about PVP, it's also about socializing and helping out your fellow guild mates: we understand that PVP isn't always something someone wants to be a part of, and we respect this. Other then guild siege, we plan on doing tower siege (when it is fixed) and hosting guild events weekly as well as helping out our members daily.


    * speak English, we understand that it may not be your first language, but seeing as it's the most commonly spoken one; it helps.

    * be sociable, we need guild members who are willing to help each other out.

    * be reliable, if you say you're going to do something for us, do it - don't back out at the last second.

    * be open minded, there are a lot of people on Zumina who may or may not have the same morals and opinions as you. Healthy debate isn't going to get you in trouble, but if any drama starts...


Depending on the infraction, you may either be warned or booted from the guild permanently. Below is a list of offenses that we DISCOURAGE you from acting out:








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